We leverage our deep domain expertise and capabilities to deliver customized and innovative solutions to our customers in the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Department of Homeland Security and federal law enforcement agencies.

Our capabilities include software development and engineering, systems engineering and integration, all source analysis, data visualization and full lifecycle mobile platform integration. Our IT capabilities are CMMI Maturity Level 3 rated.

Software Development & Engineering

We design, develop, document, test, integrate and implement custom software modules and solutions focused on C4ISR and intelligence-related applications. These services range from firmware development for weapons systems to web-based portal development for network operations centers. We also develop applications that provide real-time sensor control and fusion, data integration and correlation, communications management, cross-domain solutions, knowledge management, automated navigation systems and decision support systems. We have achieved a Capabilities Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level III rating certifying that we have implemented best practices associated with integrated product and process development and supplier sourcing.

Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, mandates that when the federal government purchases most electronic information and technology, including software, it must ensure that the electronic information and technology provides access to and use of information or data to federal government employees with disabilities that is comparable to the access provided to federal government employees without disabilities. Additionally, under the act, the federal government is also obligated to provide access to information and data to members of the public with disabilities that is comparable to the access provided to the public without disabilities.

  • Section 508 compliance and accessibility are critical elements of our design, development, testing and documentation efforts.
  • Our development teams, from design to development to testing and documentation, receive annual training in 508 compliance and techniques.
  • User interface and user experience techniques to comply with 508 are introduced from the initial design stages, are employed throughout the development stage, and are validated during the testing stage.
  • Our testing stage employs 508 compliance and accessibility use cases to measure each product's adherence.
  • Sotera utilizes the 508 self-assessment at each release.
  • Sotera uses industry-standard tools to test 508 compliance (e.g. display and automated legibility).

Sotera is committed to making its electronic and information technologies accessible to individuals with disabilities. We ensure that our software applications are designed to not disrupt or disable activated accessibility features from other products. We follow Federal Section 508 Guidance and Checklists as industry standards and best practices for providing appropriate accessibility to end users.

Systems Engineering

Our technology development capabilities involve teams of research engineers seeking innovative approaches to complex and enduring national security problems. We develop and integrate new technologies that can be used to improve or enhance existing missions and create new systems and solutions to aid our customers. We lead customer-funded research and development efforts at government research laboratories in the fields of electronics, acoustics, electronic warfare, radar, optics, chemistry, plasma physics, materials, space sciences and other disciplines. Our personnel also integrate sensors, components and devices on vehicles, aircrafts and aircraft reconnaissance pods.

Information Technology Architecture

We design, develop and run mission-critical information technology systems and architectures. Beginning with a set of requirements, we combine our operational subject matter expertise (e.g., intelligence, cyber, data analytics and C4ISR) and our information technology capabilities to develop new operational approaches and methodologies into the mission architecture to deliver timely and tailored solutions to our national security clients.

All Source Analysis

Our data fusion, cloud computing, and visual analytics expertise come together to provide unprecedented new capabilities for intelligence analysts. By coupling cloud-based data fusion and analytics technologies with next-generation visualization-based tools, Sotera enables analysts to more rapidly comprehend and exploit the vast quantities of multi-source information they increasingly have at their disposal.

Intelligence Analysis and Operations

We design, develop and run mission-critical watchlisting and intelligence analysis systems and solutions to counter the threat of terrorism. Beginning with a set of requirements, we combine our intelligence subject matter expertise and our information technology capabilities to develop new operational approaches and methodologies and then apply them to solve complex counterterrorism challenges. Our analysis capabilities include: all-source Counterterrorism analysis, watchlisting, targeting, watchstanding and DOMEX utilizing community standard message handling, data visualization and collaboration tools. We use these capabilities in the design and operation of a key terrorist tracking center in the federal law enforcement community.

Enterprise Data Systems

We leverage our extensive information technology expertise to develop and maintain secure, enterprise-wide data systems optimizing data relevance; ensuring minimal loss of service or performance degradation; and using agile development methodologies to deliver excellence in data quality, protection and management as well as well-coordinated systems operations.

Mobile Platform Integration

We leverage our design, engineering and integration core capabilities to strengthen the critical missions of our defense and national security customers operating around the world. We apply a systems-level perspective and tailor our solutions to ensure ease-of-use and ease-of-maintenance for our clients. Our superior engineering skills and full lifecycle management capabilities support the design and integration of innovative and cost effective solutions that are durable, rugged, easily transported and have a low footprint. We provide on-going support including service and reset to ensure the longevity of our tactical mobile solutions. This area of our business is ISO 9001:2008 approved.

About Sotera

Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. is an agile, mid-tier national security technology company delivering innovative solutions and mission services in support of the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Federal law enforcement agencies.


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